Web Development

From basic but modern presentation websites, up to complex web applications, we are always hungry for new projects to implement the fresh born web techniques that we gather almost everyday.
Online shops and other ecommerce solutions are also of big interest to us and we are working on our very own ecommerce software!
We provide a free quote and we also offer very sweet web packages thought out to cover all the client's needs, at a good price !

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1. Websites - Full Package Web Development
2. Online Shops - Online Stores & eCommerce solutions
3. Blogs - WordPress driven blog Design & Programming
4. Web Applications - Custom web applications

Marketing & SEO

A website without search engine optimization, promo, link building,etc. is not going to be of much use as a hidden websites gets no visitors !
Here is were we come in and help with our marketing and seo services, bringing your business from the big unknown of the web to the front lines of google serach engine . All you have to do is profit of the wave of visitors / potential customers or readers and contribuitors .
So don't hesitate ! We want to promote your business !

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1. Directory Submissions - keyword based submissions
2. Press Releases - Regional or International Releases
3. Article Distribution - Blog or Directory submission
4. Link Building - Custom Link building campaigns

Print, Desing & DTP

Besides web development, we are bound to graphic design, colors, vectors and large format printing formats . So whatever our client needs printed, designed or just color corrected, we deliver the end product .
From your everyday business cards and letter headers with your logo and design to flyers brouchures or printed magazines, our team can provide a wide range of solutions for any business !

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1. Offset Printing - proffesional printing partners
2. Copyrighting - copyrighted materials consultations
3. Desktop Publishing - getting your design print ready
4. Custom Design - Custom flyers, brouchures, etc.

Corporate Branding

Building a new brand or rebranding an old one ?
As the most valuable asset, the brand has the potential to get it's full value with smart planning, research-driven strategies and copy-writing.
We will help your business with identifying key obstacles and solutions, direct creative branding materials and build strategies and campaigns that would be best for your brand .

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1. Brand Building - smart planning, research-driven strategies
2. Identifying key obstacles and solutions
3. Build strategies and campaigns - getting your design print ready
4. Design & redesign - art creative research driven brand designs

Maintainance & Services

The technical part of keeping your website healthy is called maintainance.
As our home, everything needs to be cleaned, dusted and washed . The same principal does apply to your everyday website.
We provide a wide range of web services and maintainance, server service and custom reporting about posible problems, security flaws and solutions for fixing the problems .

Hosting & Domains

So many hosting providers outthere and so few that actually care about the customers .
We are contracting the best domain and hosting services in the world and we are sharing our hosting power with our clients.
From small projects to big traffic websites, nothing is to big!
Besides 99,9 % Server Up Time, unlimited databases and email accounts, unlimited traffic and unlimited hosting space and much more !

Custom Projects

Custom projects, custom made website desings and custom made applications are trands that grow bigger everyday !
Our team works mostly with custom solutions and custom web scripts as most of our clients care about leaving a mark on the projects they order and we respect that !
Get a free quote now and let us make a fare proposal for any kind of projects you have !